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Moderate to high sensitivity to the deficiency of: Mg, Fe, B
Low to moderately sensitivity to the deficiency of: Ca, Mn
(the sensitivity to the deficiencies of these nutrients can vary in function of the variety)

A lot of aspects, such as taste, texture, consistency, shape, … are important for the commercialization of strawberries. Also the shell life (conservation time) is a crucial quality criteria.
For the grower it is of the utmost importance that these physical, visual and organoleptic qualities of the fruits are combined with a high yield in order to obtain the best economic production conditions.

The balanced nutritional programs of BMS Micro-Nutriënts NV will help the grower a lot to obtain these objectives.

The basic program consists of foliar applications of Fructol NF and Chelal Omnical.

In function of the cultivation practices, phenological stages, growth season, climatological conditions, nutritional situation of the plant, the fertility of the soil and other factors, other products such as Kappa G, Kappa V, Chelal Noor, Chelal Fe, Chelal Mg, can be combined with the Fructol NF and Chelal Omnical applications.

For strawberries in hydroponics Chelal Hydro NF, Hyponik F and Hyponik Oligo can be used to prepare these nutrient solutions.

program strawberry

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Strawberry: root development

The aim of the trial is to improve the root development of strawberry plants with Hyberol applications.

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