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Learn more about plant nutrition. Our blogs go deeper into specific topics about fertilization and plant nutrition.

Curious on how to apply our products on your crops? Consult the white papers.

The results of the field trials give you an indication on how to use our foliar nutrition programs in different crops and their impact on production.

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Recent white papers

Technical file on Foliar Nutrition.
Technical file on Foliar Nutrition in general, explaining all the advantages of this technique. Applied in vineyards.
Chelal Hydro Hydroponics
Products used in nutrient solutions have to meet certain requirements. In this file more explanations about the use of our products in nutrient solutions.

Recent blog posts

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It is high time for a more sustainable approach with ECOMETHOD Facts & figures: The food industry accounts for between 19% and 29% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Within the food industry, agriculture is responsible for 9% of these emissions. Fertilisation accounts for 35% to 45% of CO 2...
Boek kiwibes
Our colleague Jonas has worked intensively over the past two years on a book about kiwi berry. This unique English-language book bundles all available scientific and practical knowledge about kiwiberry cultivation ( Actinidia arguta ): “Kiwiberry Grower’s Manual”. The grower’s manual has 120 pages...
Come and see us at Futurpera 2019, in Ferrara, Italy. We will meet at stand 64 - Pavilion 4 and share with you the advantages of foliar nutrition on pears. All details about FuturPera on: FUTURPERA 2019