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Foliar nutrition

Foliar fertilisation is the most efficient way to nourish the plant. With foliar fertilisation you can reduce soil applications and optimize plant nutrition. This increases your production in quality and quantity.

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Chelated micro-nutrients

Trace elements can be applied in different ways. The chelated form ensures the best possible absorption, plus a good translocation within the plant. BMS Micro-Nutrients offers you the most advanced chelates on the market.

Service & quality

Service & quality

We are only satisfied if you are. That is why our service goes beyond the delivery of the product only. You receive advice and follow-up of the applications. This way you will achieve an optimal result and harvest.





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Zinc fertilisation on Corn

Information on the importance of Zinc in Corn.
Agraz (from the Consesa Group) reduces the CO 2 emissions of the fertilisation of Tomotoes for industrial use with 45 % thanks to ECOMETHOD. Agraz (Extremadura – Spain) and BMS Micro-Nutrients (Bornem – Belgium) have managed, through a joint project, to reduce reduce the inputs of fertilizers with...
New labels
Dear customer, dear visitor, BMS Micro-Nutrients is using since July 16, 2022, the European Regulation 2019/1009 as the framework to market its products you are all familiar with. We will continue to offer you the best possible quality fertilizers and this new legislation will only just change the...
foliar fertilization and 4R management system
The world fertilizer industry introduced the “4R Nutrient Management” principle with the aim to make the agricultural system more sustainable. The Right source, Right rate, Right timing and Right placement of the fertilizers has to increase the efficiency of the fertilisation. BMS Micro-Nutrients...