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Unbalanced plant nutrition and fertilisation leads to deficiencies and to a yield of inferior quality. For example, excess fertilisation of nitrogen and/or potassium will affect strongly the quality and shelf life of most types of fruits. 
The solution? Foliar fertilisation programmes.
These programmes allow you to improve the nutritional balance of the crops. The incorporation of the specific nutrients, important for each crop, will assure an optimal quality of the yield. On our crop pages you can find out more about the special requirements of each crop. Mail us for free advice on your crop.

Relevant downloads

cu deficiency on cereals
Information about the importance of copper-treatments in cereals

Consult the results of our field trials

Increasing lettuce weight

The objective of the trial is to achieve a bigger crop size and uniformity in lettuce during the winter period. Lettuce is a crop with a very short crop cycle, and during the winter it is very

Strawberry: root development

The aim of the trial is to improve the root development of strawberry plants with Hyberol applications.

Landamine Zn to improve coloring of apples

Improve the coloring of the Jonagold apple.

Apple: pre flowering applications

Reinforce the growth of the first leaves at the beginning of the season so that the flowering can take place under optimal conditions.

Articles from our BMS Academy

Effect van bladvoeding op de vruchtmaat
The quality and size of your fruits are important and decisive factors for the price you get for them. Let’s take a closer look at the nutrients that determine the quality and size of the fruits. How does a fruit actually develop? Understanding this process provides us with the keys on how to...
In spring, treatments with seaweed extracts are very beneficial. At the beginning of the vegetative cycle they assure good juvenile growth (both of the aerial part of the plant and the roots) as well as the development of good quality flowers and fruits. The active components of the seaweed...
Chelal Omnical sobre peras
Trials executed in Italy in 2012, and again in 2014, proved once again that treatments with Chelal Omnical have a very positive effect on the quality of fruit. In these trials, applications with Chelal Omnical were done some weeks up to a month before harvest. This increased significantly the...