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Chelal Alga L

Chelal Alga L


FERTILISER: solution of marine plant extract* enriched with potassium
* product derived from Ascophyllum nodosum

CHELAL® ALGA L is miscible with most pesticides and herbicides. Avoid mixing with oil-based products. It is advisable to conduct a miscibility test before application. In case of doubt, consult our technical service.

1,5 to 4 L CHELAL® ALGA L per application and per hectare in foliar applications. Maximum concentration in foliar applications: 4 %. Soil applications (drip irrigation): 4 L CHELAL® ALGA L per hectare and application.

Use CHELAL® ALGA L in foliar or root application systems. Shake well before use.
Use early in the season and continue throughout the entire growing season. Use CHELAL® ALGA L as a supplement to a well-balanced crop management program designed to maximize quality crop production. To achieve desired results, availability of all essential nutrients (major, secondary and trace-elements) must be adequate.

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