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Maize: Chelal Zn

Increasing the yield of the corn crop with the application of Chelal Zn.

Iron chlorosis - Apple

This report shows the visual difference between the BMS MN foliar nutrition programme with Chelal Fe and Chelal RD NF and the traditional soil fertilization to control iron chlorosis.

Increasing the quality and shelf life of flat peaches with Chelal Omnical.

Study of the influence of Chelal Omnical on the fruit size, firmness, storage life and quality of flat peaches in Spain. Comparison with a traditional Ca fertilizer applied to the soil.

Wine grapes in organic farming: Azavis Neo

Study the effect of foliar applications of the product Azavis Neo on the development of vines in organic farming. The vineyard has growth problems. The winegrower does not reach the yields of the

Kappa Z: Vineyard

Measuring the effectiveness of KAPPA Z compared to an untreated control, to increase concentrations of nitrogen and aromatic compounds in the must.

Kappa Z: Vineyard

Wine grapes: increase of nitrogen and aromas in the must

Asparagus: Building up reserves with Fructol

The aim of this trial is to increase the reserves of the asparagus plants through foliar applications with Fructol throughout the summer. The reserves in the roots were analysed.

Zinc products on table grapes

Evaluation of the influence of Zinc products on the uniformity of branches and bunches of the vine and the concentration of Zinc in the leaf.

Colouring of bell peppers

The aim of this trial is to improve the colouring of bell peppers during a cold period through foliar applications.

Potato: Chelal Mn/Zn

Given the elimination of the market of Mancozeb, which contained Mn and Zn, the aim of this field trial is to study the influence of Chelal Mn/Zn on potato yield.

Wine grapes: vigour programme

The aim of this two-year trial is to determine whether the BMS MN programme makes it possible to increase the yield (and possibly the nitrogen content of the must).

Walnut: Hyberol

The effect of the product Hyberol on the fruit set and yield of walnut trees was studied in a two-year trial.

Chelal Omnical on Table Grapes

The objective of this work was to analyze the efficiency of foliar applied Chelal Omnical to improve fruit quality and increase the attachment of the berries to the bunch.

Chelal B on Sunflower

Increasing the yield of sunflowers with a foliar application of Chelal B.

Hyberol on Potatoes

The aim of the trial is to study the effect of repeated applications of the product Hyberol on the potato yield. The test was carried out in a dry and warm year.

Pear: Chelal Noor

Improving fruit size with applications of Chelal Noor on Pear.

Maize: Chelal Zn

Increasing the yield of grain maize with Chelal Zn.

Maize: Landamine Zn and Chelal Zn

Increasing the yield of grain maize with Zn containing products