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Sugarbeet: conventional and organic production

How to increase yield and quality in the (organic) production of sugar beets?

Organic sugar beet

How to increase the yield of sugar beet in organic production.

Wine grapes: how to treat iron chlorosis

How to restore the vigor of a totally yellow vineyard.

Foliar nutrition on lavender

Increase of productivity with foliar nutrition.

Persimmon: improving the fruit size

The main objective of the trial is to increase the fruit size.

Mango: increased fruit set and fruit weight

The goal of this trial was to improve flower induction and thus increase fruit set rate, fruit weight and total yield using a BMS MN foliar nutrition program.

Foliar nutrition on lavender

Evaluation of a BMS MN foliar nutrition program on lavender to increase the production of essential oils, in comparison with a competing product.

Raspberry: improvement of the root developmetn

Improving the root development of raspberry plants on substrate with Hyberol, compared with competing products.

The effect of foliar nutrition on garlic

Increase the yield by foliar applications

Good translocation of chelated boron (2018)

In this trial we determine the translocation of boron after foliar application with Chelal B.

Increasing fruit size

The aim of the trial is to increase the size of apricots by using foliar nutrition.

Replenishing the reserves

Aim of the trial: check the effectiveness of foliar applications on fruit set rate.

Raise the yield of corn

The aim of the trial: increasing yield with a foliar application of zinc.

Increasing the vigour of the vines

Improving quality with foliar applications

Improving yield and quality of the vineyard

The aim of the trial is to improve the vigour of the plants.

Increasing yield with foliar nutrition

The aim of the trial is to increase the yield with foliar applications on sugar beet.

Increase the yield on corn

The aim of the trial is to increase the yield with foliar fertilization on corn together with weed applications.

Treatment of wine grapes after frost damage

The aim of the trial: promote regrowth on a plot damaged for 90% by frost.