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Ecomethod: Apple (2018)

Compare different fertilization methods on Golden Parsi da Rosa variety. How to reduce carbon footprint?

Copper treatments on common winter wheat (2020)

The aim of the trial was to study the effect of foliar application of Chelal Cu on common winter wheat.

Foliar copper treatments on common wheat

The aim of the trial is to check the effect on quality and quantity of wheat harvest with foliar copper treatments.

Landamine BMo on alfalfa

The scope of this trial was to increase seed production with foliar applications of Landamine BMo.

Decafol on potatoes

We developed Decafol specifically to focus the plant's metabolism on the synthesis and storage of sugars. We have tested it at 6 potato growers. Find out the result here.

Foliar nutrition on organic wine grapes

How effective is a BMS MN foliar nutrition program in organic farming?

How to treat nutrient deficiencies on Hibiscus

How to treat chlorotic hibiscus plants with foliar nutrition to get them healthy and green again.

Lentils: seed treatment with Chelal Co NF

In this trial we test the impact of seed coating in lentil cultivation. Can we increase the vigour and yield of the crop?

Garlic: harvesting quality with Chelal Kubig

Comparative test between chelated copper and copper oxychloride 52% on the cultivation of white garlic.

Cultivation on nutrient solution with a higher pH

Is it possible to grow tomatoes with a nutrient solution that has a higher pH by using chelated micronutrient solutions?

Ecomethod: apple

Comparison of different methods of fertilization on Golden Parsi da Rosa apple trees.

Ecomethod: maize

What's the effect of the reduction of soil fertilizers (phosphorus - nitrogen) through foliar nutrition on maize?

Ecomethod: Hazelnuts (Viterbo)

We evaluate alternative methods of fertilization (Lake of Vico)

Ecomethod: Pears

Comparison of different plans and methods of fertilization on Abate Fetèl pear cultivars

Ecomethod: Wine grape

Evaluation of the Total Foliar Nutrition System (NTF) on 4 varieties of wine grapes.

Ecomethod: reduction of CO₂ emissions through foliar applications

To illustrate the benefits of Ecomethod on different crops, we calculated the carbon footprint reductions for each of these crops, namely: industrial tomatoes, hops, pear, maize and plum.

Increasing lettuce weight

The objective of the trial is to achieve a bigger crop size and uniformity in lettuce during the winter period. Lettuce is a crop with a very short crop cycle, and during the winter it is very

Strawberry: root development

The aim of the trial is to improve the root development of strawberry plants with Hyberol applications.