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BMS Micro-Nutrients wants, by means of foliar fertilization, to be the specialist in plant nutrition for all commercially grown crops. The company has its products and services widely available.

The team of BMS Micro-Nutrients believes that foliar fertilisation is the most efficient way to nourish the plants. All its products and nutritional programmes are designed and adapted for this technique.

Almost 40 years of expertise

Since 1979, BMS Micro-Nutrients has been specialized in plant nutrition and foliar fertilisation. The company developed an innovative product line based on chelated micro nutrients and mayor elements to be used in foliar applications.

Service tailored to your crop

An experienced team of technicians advises and guides you in the development of a tailor-made foliar programme. They come from all over Europe, and also from Brazil, Argentina, USA, New Zealand, and from the Middle East.
We participate in important research projects in collaboration with official bodies. Through these projects we share with you interesting developments in the field of foliar nutrition.

Our focus, your advantage

The aim of BMS Micro Nutrients is to improve and optimize plant nutrition continuously. That is why the R&D department developed innovative fertilizers that improve plant nutrition considerably: they use the leaves as the primary way to absorb the plant nutrients.

Which products are available in our range?

The range of BMS Micro-Nutrients consists of products with chelated micro-elements as the most important ingredient. The chelation of these trace elements is extremely important. Thanks to this technology, these nutrients are fully available for the plants under all circumstances.
In addition, BMS Micro-Nutrients developed several foliar fertilizers providing also the mayor elements in different proportions to the plant, and this at the right moment with the right balance.

A complete approach with NTF

The technique of BMS Micro-Nutrients is not only limited to the application of micro-nutrients, but also meso- and mayor elements. The combination of all these elements in a foliar fertilisation programme can lead to the complete foliar nutrition of the crop or Total Foliar Fertilization (NTF). This technique was first applied in vineyards and proved its value with positive results over the last 15 years. In recent years, NTF has also successful been used on other crops such as fruit trees, industrial tomato, potatoes, etc. Discover the results in the BMS MN academy section on the field test page.

Do you know already our brands?

  • Chelal

This is a range of products based on chelated micro-elements only. The range contains first of all products with only one specific chelated trace element and secondly there are also mixtures of 2 or more trace elements.

  • Landamine

These products are liquid phosphorus and potassium foliar fertilizers, enriched with one or two chelated trace elements.

  • Kappa

These are completely soluble foliar fertilizers in powder form. The different products in this range are characterised by different equilibria between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and should be used in function of the specific needs of the crop. These products also contain chelated micro-nutrients.

  • Fructol

These products contain as well mayor elements, as meso elements as also trace elements and are therefore the most complete products in our range. The concentrations of chelated micro-nutrients is particularly high in these products certainly if compared to other foliar fertilizers on the market.

  • Other brands: Kalitol, Decafol, Bormag, Primafer, Hyberol, Hyponik, Microlan, Kalifer, Viener, ...

These are just some of our other brands that we developed for a specific use (Viener Zn for seed treatment) or for certain markets.

Discover the specifications of all the products on the product pages.