Treatment of deficiencies

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Does your crop have deficiencies?

In that case foliar nutrition is the solution.
To obtain optimal yield, all nutrients must be sufficiently available during the complete growth cycle of your crop. This, independently from all external factors (soil and climate), that might cause inhibition and/or interruption of plant growth and development.
Even if your crop has minor deficiencies, without visual deficiency symptoms, you risk a yield loss of  between 5-10%. 

In case of more severe deficiencies, symptoms will appear on the leaves (or other plant organs) which are usually typical for each nutrient. The effect on the yield of your crop in this situation is a lot more important, and can even reach a total loss of your commercial harvest.

The products of BMS Micro-Nutrients are tailored to your needs. For each element, a suitable product is available to prevent and or treat these deficiencies. Do you know for which element your crop is sensitive? Discover on the crop page how to respond to it.

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