The advantages of Foliar Fertilisation

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More efficient agriculture with foliar fertilization

Foliar fertilization dramatically increases the efficiency of your fertilization.

Soil nutrients are not always completely available. This is due in particular to: leaching, soil fixations, blockages and other losses. With foliar fertilization we can avoid these factors. Foliar fertilization applies the nutrients directly on the leaf, where the plant mostly needs them.

With foliar applications all nutritional problems can be tackled because the leaf absorbs as well mayor elements, meso elements as micro nutrients or trace elements.

BMS Micro-Nutrients developed nutritional programs tailored to your crop. You will need to apply the different nutrients in the right proportions at the right time. This assures an optimal result: and a higher yield of a superior quality.

The 3 most important reasons to start with foliar fertilization:

1. The optimal availability for your crop
Nutrients from ordinary soil fertilizations are often totally or partially lost due to:
    • secondary reactions (precipitation or adsorption onto the soil complex)
    • Leaching
    • bad localization of the fertilizer
Foliar fertilization is thus more efficient because the chelated nutrients are fully plant available.

2. Weather resistant
During cold periods when the soil does not sufficiently warm up, soil applications are useless because the plant roots are not very active. If deficiencies occur or if you want to stimulate the growth of your plants at that time, leaf applications are the best solution. Foliar fertilization promotes thus the growth of your plants even in less favorable weather conditions.

3. Environmentally friendly
The legislation on water pollution provoked by the leaching of fertilizers is becoming ever so more stringent. You must therefore take these strict rules into account. Foliar fertilization offers you the solution in this regard. The leaching of nitrates and other elements is strongly reduced if you completely or partially replace soil applications by foliar applications. You need to use a smaller total amount of fertilizers, which are used more effectively, to maintain productivity. Foliar fertilization is an environmentally friendly solution.

Chelates for better results

BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V. unconditionally believes in the use of chelated microelements. They offer many advantages. The most important ones are:

  • they are resistant against undesirable secondary reactions
  • they are highly water soluble. Plants only absorb nutrients well that are perfectly water soluble.
  • chelates also play an important role after the moment of application: ones absorbed, chelates have a better distribution within the plant. Compared with salts or suspensions of undissolved metal compounds, chelated microelements have thus a better translocation.

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