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Azavis Neo

Azavis Neo


FERTILISER: Organic N-fertiliser with boron(B) and iron(Fe), obtained from enzymatically hydrolyzed plant-derived proteins

AZAVIS® NEO is an organic N-fertiliser obtained from enzymatically hydrolysed plant-derived proteins. AZAVIS® NEO contains iron (Fe), chelated by DTPA, boron(B) and  1,8 % MgO.

For additional information concerning the specific functions of boron and iron in plant physiology, susceptibilities to and related deficiency-symptoms caused by this nutrient in crops, please consult our technical sheets
for boron: CHELAL® B
for iron: CHELAL® Fe

Do not exceed the maximum concentration of 2 % (= 2 kg Azavis® Neo in 100 L water).
Maximum concentration in greenhouse: 1 % (= 1 kg in 100 L water).
For foliar applications avoid high temperatures and bright sunshine.
Treat preferably during early morning or late evening.

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