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Moderate to high sensitivity to the deficiency of: Ca, Mg, B, Fe, Mn, Zn
Low to moderately sensitivity to the deficiency of: --
(the sensitivity to the deficiencies of these nutrients can vary in function of the variety)

The balances nutrition of the apple tree is essential for a production of good quality fruits. To assure the production it is first of all necessary have good quality and plentiful flowers with a good fruit set afterwards. Later on the best fruits can be selected and brought to maturation

Boron - zinc - calcium
The deficiencies of boron and zinc are often the cause of bad fruit set. An other important aspect in the production of apples is to increase firmness and the storage/shelf life. Quality problems that might occur during storage such as Bitter Pit, are often related to deficiencies and/or not balanced calcium nutrition of the fruits themselves.

Iron - manganese - magnesium
Visual symptoms of deficiencies of different elements are very frequent in orchards.
- Iron deficiency causes the typical chlorosis between the nerves of first of all the youngest leaves. 
- With manganese deficiency the completely developed leaves have the first symptoms, which give the leaves a mosaic or marble like aspect.
- Magnesium deficiencies are also verry frequent, causing the yellowing, and later on the necrosis of the eldest leaves.
It is important to assure at all times a good nutritional balance of the fruit trees. This can be done by applications of the different elements, when the first deficiency symptoms appear, or better by preventive treatments.

program apple

In improve the colouring of fruits, often phosphorous rich foliar fertilizers are used, often in combination with potassium. MKP became the reference product for these type of applications. Landamine Zn is also a foliar fertilizer rich in phosphorous and potassium, but contains also chelated Zinc.
Two years in a row, trials have proven that Landamine Zn has a better effect on the colouring of Kanzi apples compared to the reference product MKP.
In annex the results of these trials on Kanzi apples. The application of Landamine Zn did not only increase the yield, what normally leads to a more difficult colouring, but nevertheless the colouring was significantly better compared to the control and to the reference treatments.

Trial results PCF 2013

Trial results PCF 2014

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Ecomethod: apple

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Landamine Zn to improve coloring of apples

Improve the coloring of the Jonagold apple.

Apple: pre flowering applications

Reinforce the growth of the first leaves at the beginning of the season so that the flowering can take place under optimal conditions.

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