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Chelal Hydro NF

Chelal Hydro NF


EC FERTILISER: Mixture of micro-nutrients (boron (B), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn))

CHELAL® HYDRO NF is a mixture of chelated micro-nutrients (Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn). By using chelating agents a high stability under all circumstances can be obtained. Thus and since chelate-stability is mainly influenced by pH-value, a maximum stability of the micro-nutrients present can be guaranteed up to pH 7.5. I addition, CHELAL® HYDRO NF contains boron and molybdenum in a unique formulation that ensures maximum availability of these micro-nutrients to the plant.

The composition of CHELAL® HYDRO NF was base upon research, conducted in the Netherlands and Belgium and the product was especially conceived for use in nutrient solutions in hydroponics. CHELAL® HYDRO NF can be used in all crops grown on inert substrates (rock wool, sand, argex,etc…).
These substrates have no retention-capacity for nutrients. The CHELAL® HYDRO NF-based nutrient solution has to be applied during the whole growing-season.

CHELAL® HYDRO NF is miscible with most pesticides and herbicides. Avoid mixing with oil-based products. It is advisable to conduct a miscibility test before application.
Consult your extension agent or crop consultant. 

Applying 1,5 kg CHELAL® HYDRO NF in 100,000 L water results in a nutrient solution with following composition:

  micromol/L ppm (mg/L)
B 11,8 0,128
Cu 0,6 0,038
Fe 12,6 0,705
Mn 12,0 0,660
Mo 0,6 0,053
Zn 6,0 0,390

For crops with special demands for B, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo or Zn, we refer to the corresponding products of the CHELAL® -range.

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