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Moderate to high sensitivity to the deficiency of: B
Low to moderately sensitivity to the deficiency of: --
(the sensitivity to the deficiencies of these nutrients can vary in function of the variety)

As with all flowers, the visual aspect of the plant, leaves and flowers is “the” most important factor to obtain a high commercial value of the yield.
A well balanced nutrition, of all elements, as well macro, meso as micro nutrients is certainly a key factor in the optimization of the production.
In order to calculate the ideal fertilization one has to take into account:
- the way the crop is cultivated (in the soil or in hydroponics),
- the quality of the irrigation water,
- the characteristics of the soil,

- the climate (temp, humidity, length of day, ….).

For de carnation, boron is certainly the most problematic trace element. Deficiencies frequently occur with disastrous effects. Some of the effects of boron deficiency are:
- slight discaoloration of the leaves (bleached around edges, becoming purple later on),
- reduced number of petals,
- deformation of the flower buds,
- excessive branching of the flower stems (broom effect),
- splitting of the calyces,
- reduced number of flowers,……
To treat this deficiency BMS Micro-Nutrients recommends Chelal B, which can be applied foliar or even in the drip irrigation. Chelal B is quickly absorbed by as well leaves as roots, and is then redistributed throughout the plant.

It is nevertheless better to avoid this deficiency by applying preventively Chelal Hydro. It is a product specially developed to incorporate in nutrient solutions used in hydroponics, or in the drip irrigation for soil cultivation. It contains all trace elements, but the boron concentration is relatively high, ideal for this crop. ► The main advantage of Chelal Hydro is that all these trace elements are chelated and thus their availability is optimum at all times.
Trials have shown that the combination of applications of Chelal Hydro in the drip irrigation and foliar applications with Fructol NF increase substantially the yield and the quality of the flowers.

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