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Moderate to high sensitivity to the deficiency of: Ca, Mg, Mn, Mo
Low to moderately sensitivity to the deficiency of: B, Cu, Fe, Zn
(the sensitivity to the deficiencies of these nutrients can vary in function of the variety)

Many differences
In the plant family Cucurbitaceae are quite a few commercial crops such as melon, watermelon, zucchini, cucumber and gherkin. Although there are a lot of similarities between these different crops, there are also some important differences.

Zucchini, melon and watermelon, are very sensitive to Boron and Molybdenum deficiencies, and are less sensitive to the deficiencies of Fe, Mn and Mg. On the other hand cucumber and gherkins are very sensitive to the deficiencies of Fe and Mn and less sensitive to Boron and Molybdenum deficiency.

The BMS Micro-Nutrients program aims in first instance at avoiding deficiencies and consists of mainly 2 products Chelal Hydro and Fructol NF.

- Chelal Hydro NF is specially developed for incorporation in nutrient solutions. Chelal Hydro contains all the trace elements and can be used in hydroponics but also in the drip irrigation for crops cultivated in the soil. Because of the continuous application of the product it works perfectly as a preventive. Only in very specific circumstances (mostly for soil cultivation) it can be necessary to complement Chelal Hydro with Chelal B and Chelal Mo (or Chelal BMo) or with iron applications (Chelal Fe).

- Fructol NF is a foliar fertilizer which stimulates the productivity, in quantity and quality. During the formation of the fruits it is often applied together with Chelal Omnical, which provides extra calcium to the plant in a chelated form. This element is also important to guarantee a high quality yield.

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