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Landamine Zn

Landamine Zn


EC FERTILISER: PK-fertiliser solution, 21-24, with zinc (Zn)

LANDAMINE® Zn is a PK fertilizer solution containing chelated zinc (chelating agents DTPA, EDTA and HEEDTA). LANDAMINE® Zn stimulates youth growth, fruit set and ripening of the fruit and contributes to fruit-uniformity.
The chelated Zn within LANDAMINE® Zn is swiftly and easily absorbed by both roots and leaves after which it is quickly transported to all plant parts.

For additional information concerning the specific functions of zinc in plant physiology, susceptibilities to and related deficiency-symptoms caused by this element, please consult our technical sheets for CHELAL® Zn.

LANDAMINE® Zn is miscible with most pesticides and herbicides. Avoid mixing with oil-based products. It is advisable to conduct a miscibility test before application.
Consult your extension agent or crop consultant.


Do not exceed the maximum concentration of 0,5 % (= 0,5 L LANDAMINE® Zn in 100 L water). Maximum concentration in greenhouse: 0,3 % (= 300 cc in 100 L water).

For foliar applications avoid high temperatures and bright sunshine.
Treat preferably during early morning or late evening.

Applications: Consult our crop-related programs.

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