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Blauwe Bes



Moderate to high sensitivity to the deficiency of: Ca, Fe
Low to moderately sensitivity to the deficiency of: B, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mg
(the sensitivity to the deficiencies of these nutrients can vary in function of the variety)

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reduction carbon emissions
Ecomethod is the foliar fertilisation method that significantly reduces your fertilisation footprint. The essence of this method is simple: The chelated nutrients work efficiently, and you apply them directly through the leaf. This allows you to drastically reduce the total amount of fertiliser...
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How are you? Over the past few months, Covid-19 has made everyone's reality uncertain and surreal. Social life came to a standstill, companies could not continue their activities, or only with great effort, and the world went into lockdown. Hopefully this episode has left you unscathed so far...