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CE.jpgCOMPOUND SOLID INORGANIC MACRONUTRIENT FERTILISER, NPK (Mg, S) fertiliser with micro-nutrients, 5-8-15 (+4,4 +8,8)

FRUCTOL® NF is a complete foliar fertilizer, containing NPK, a secondary element (Mg) and chelated micro-nutrients (B, Fe, Mn, Mo and Zn). Boron is chelated by polyols. FRUCTOL® NF also contains 8,8 % of SO3.
FRUCTOL® NF stimulates and regulates crop –development and improves the quality and yield of the harvest. Especially on crops with high magnesium-and boron-demands (horticultural crops, ornamentals, grapes, fruit-trees,...), FRUCTOL® NF will be at it’s best.

Magnesium (Mg) enhances phosphorus-assimilation and –transport and is essential for chlorophyll building and photosynthesis. This, of course, will have a direct influence on quantity and quality of the harvest.

Boron (B) is important for flower building, fertility of the flowers and fruitdevelopment. Therefore, boron is crucial for numerous ornamentals and for all crops of which fruits are harvested (fruit-trees, grapes, bell-pepper, cucumber, peas, tomato,...).

FRUCTOL® NF is miscible with most pesticides and herbicides. Avoid mixing with oil based products and phenoxyacetates. It is advisable to conduct a miscibility test before application. Consult your extension agent or crop consultant.

Do not exceed the maximum concentration of 0,3 % (= 0,3 kg FRUCTOL® NF in 100 L water). Maximum concentration in greenhouse: 0,2 %. For foliar applications avoid high temperatures and bright sunshine.
Treat preferably during early morning or late evening.

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