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10 reasons why

10 reason why to use BMS MN products

10 reasons why BMS Micro-Nutrients' products offer you the greatest benefit

Quality.pngFor BMS Micro-Nutrients efficiency is key! Therefore we created a unique range to nourish your crop Our fertilizers are designed to increase and insure maximal plant availability. To reach this goal not only the chemical formulations of our products are optimised but also our foliar nutritional programmes are thus developed that crops can absorb the right amount of nutrients on the right moment. This garantees their maximal production potential with optimal quality.

1. All the micro -nutrients are chelated:

Micro-nutrients are only plant available if they are soluble in water. Plants cannot absorb solids. Chelates protect micro-nutrients against secondary reactions and keep them soluble not only in the soil but also within the plant, so that distribution through the plants saps is possible. In our products also boron and molybdenum are chelated making them unique in its kind on the market.

2. The micros are fully chelated.Chelate 3.png

The labels are very clear in this. Not only the total amount of the nutrient is indicated but also the chelated amount. The micros are all for 100 % chelated, ensuring thus that the full quantity applied is plant available to improve the nutritional status of the crop.

3. We use only synthetic chelating agents such as EDTA, DTPA, …..

These chelating agents are a lot more stable, and can therefore resist more extreme conditions (pH, concentration, etc….) compared to amino acids, lignosulfonates and humic acids. All these organic molecules can chelate micro-elements, but their stability is variable and not very high, limiting the scope in which these products can be used for plant nutrition and the treatment of deficiencies. The products of BMS are highly available in a wider range of circumstances, giving the farmer more flexibility in the use and application.

4. Various chelating agents in one product.

multichelate.pngEach chelating agent has its chemical properties and ranges of stability. By using various chelating agents in one product, we can add up the advantages of each of them and increase the range in which the products are effective. This technique is used not only in products containing various micro-nutrients, but even in products containing one single element.

5. Systemic action:

All crops.pngChelates are also easier to absorb by the leaves compared to salts. On top of that, once inside the plant they also resist better possible interactions and are better translocated within the plant as well in the xylem (upwards) as in the phloem (downwards). Therefore the products are systemic and nourish the whole plant, not only the leaves on which the product is applied.

6. Very pure products:

The choice of raw materials is very important for the quality we stand for. We avoid all types of contaminations with heavy metals, but also the unnecessary presence of other elements such as sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). This is extremely important in areas with problems of salinity!

7. All the products are designed for foliar application:

foliar nutrition.pngWe believe that the foliar application of nutrients is the most efficient way to make them plant available. That is why all our products are optimized for foliar application, although some of them can, for practical and organisational reasons, also be applied to the soil, maintaining a high efficiency. With foliar applications the nutrients are applied immediately on the leaves, the place where the plant needs them. The absorption is efficient and fast and the effect on the plant nutrition is immediate. It allows to apply nutrients exactly when the plant needs them without the risk of loss and/or blockage of the nutrients in the soil.

8. Wide and complete range of products:

Complete.pngBMS Micro-Nutrients has a wide range of products allowing to respond to any type of nutritional problem at any stage during the plant development. By using certain products at certain moments during plant development we can stimulate certain processes within the plant or we can guide and control the growth of the crop.

9. Many products are allowed in organic production,

Bio approved.pngmaking it possible to improve the productivity and quality in all types of production. (Please verify carefully which of our products are allowed before application). National legislation may also apply.


10. High mixability with pesticides:

Mixing.pngBecause of the high stability of our products (purity and chelation) they also have a high compatibility with most pesticides. The products of BMS MN can therefore be combined with other applications, so no extra field entry is necessary to nourish our crops. Based on practical tests in our laboratory we made a mixability list, which is available on our website ( see Quick Links). Please consult before application.


Productivity.pngBONUS: During more the 40 years of experience we have developed, for most commercially grown crops, foliar programmes which aim for increasing productivity, and for improving quality. Consult our trial results on our website and find out the benefit for your crop.