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These products are the most complete ones and contain as well macro, meso as micro-nutrients. They distinguish themselves from other products on the market by the very high concentrations of chelated micro-nutrients.

The Fructol range consists of products which are all very rich in the different plant nutrients. They contain as well the mayor elements (N, P and K), as the meso elements (Mg and S) and also chelated micro-nutrients.
Fructol is used as a maintenance foliar fertilization in order to increase the productivity of the crop. The jointly application of all these elements will avoid any unknown or undesired small deficiency and will keep the photosynthetic activity of the plant at a very high level, resulting in a higher productions. If the crop has any specific deficiency it will be necessary to combine the Fructol treatment with the corresponding product from the Chelal-range in order to treat this deficiency simultaneously.

Fructol products can be used in all kind of crops, because the compositions of the products are not crop specific.

Fructol range
Fructol Bio

Fructol Bio

Fructol Bio

Fructol NF