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Viener Zn

Viener Zn

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EC FERTILISER: Zinc fertiliser suspension (oxide, DTPA, EDTA, HEEDTA)

Using VIENER® Zn supplies to the young plant sufficient Zn to garanty a good start of the crop. The quantity of Zn in VIENER® Zn is sufficient to prevent Zn deficiencies in the young plants during the first weeks of growth. VIENER® Zn guaranties supplying continuously small quantities of Zn that respond to the standard Zn demand of most young plants. In case of important Zn deficiencies, when the crop has reached a more advanced growth stage, substantial Zn fertilization will be needed (in this case, we recommend foliar applications of CHELAL® Zn.

Use VIENER® Zn directly on the seeds. Apply uniformly.
Dosage: cotton, corn, rice, wheat, soybean: 300-500 g of VIENER® Zn on the seeds for 1 ha.

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