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The Kappa range are completely soluble solid foliar fertilizers. The different formulations within this range contain different nitrogen, phosphourm and postassium balances, which allow us to adapt the fertilization to the specific needs of the crop at any particular time during their development. The products contain also some chelated micro-nutrients.

In order to put the NTF technique (Total Foliar Nutrition) in practice BMS Micro-Nutrients developed a very wide range of foliar fertilizers with different compositions in order to meet the different requirements of the crops during the different stages of their development and this naturally for different crops with their specific nutritional requirements.

The Kappa products contain N-P-K (and/or S and Mg) with small amount of chelated micro nutrients. Thanks to the different compositions of the different products we can influence and guide strongly the growth of the crop. Products rich in nitrogen will stimulate growth strongly and direct the plant towards a vegetative development. On the other hand products poor in nitrogen and rich in potassium will support the development and maturation of the fruits and if applied in higher dosages they will slow down the strong vegetative growth.

Kappa Range

Kappa G (L)

Kappa M NF

Kappa M NF

Kappa V Liquid

Kappa V (L)