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convencion II sobre nutricion foliar

eurostars.jpgOn Tuesday, February, 26th 2019, BMS Micro-Nutrients Ibérica SL organised, for the second time, a convention on foliar nutrition in Madrid.
The main objective of this technical day was to intensify the dialogue between the company and its clients, and to update them on new developments within BMS MN and recent evolutions regarding plant and crop nutrition.
More than 100 clients and technicians were present at this meeting to listen to a number different presentations.
After the official opening of the convention by Mr Davide Colina, three important topics were broached in the morning. First Mr Hans Janssens explained which factors have an influence on the quality of foliar fertilizers and products, based on chelated micronutrients, and how these characteristics influence the efficiency of foliar fertilization.convencion II sala.jpgHis presentation was followed by, the chemist and head of production of the company, Mr Yves Dejaegher, who explained how different quality systems are implemented in our production process; the new and upcoming fertilizer regulations that are expected over the next month’s. Finally he touched on how BMS Micro-Nutrients is complying with the new European legislation on chemical products (REACH).
The third subject of the morning was the introduction of our new concept of "ECOMETHOD". Foliar fertilization optimizes the nutrition of crops using a smaller amount of fertilizers compared to traditional soil fertilization, which results in considerable savings of not only the fertilizers themselves, but also fuel, labour and logistics (transport, storage) …. All these savings can be obtained by using the foliar fertilization, ECOMETHOD, wich also result in a reduction of the carbon footprint of the fertilization of crops, by up to 95%!
To avoid "greenwashing" and give more credibility to this project, BMS Micro-Nutrients hired an Italian environmental consultancy company, 2A Group, which is specialized in sustainability studies, to make a comparison of the carbon footprint of different fertilization systems. Mr. Francesco Doraro of the 2A Group company introduced to us how they are evaluating the carbon footprint of the BMS foliar programmes compared to traditional soil fertilization!

convencion II participacion.JPGIn the afternoon, the whole team of BMS Micro-Nutrients Ibérica, Mr Davide Collina, Mr Roger Claverol, Mr José Puig and Mr Armando Aguirre, presented the results of recent field trials, demonstrating how our theoretical concepts and ideas can successfully be incorporated into foliar programmes making them even more efficient.
In continuation, Mr Armando Aguirre devoted some time to explaining the relationship between balanced plant nutrition and plant health, a subject that is becoming more and more important because of the implications and the continuous evolution of more restrictive legislation on the use of pesticides.
At the end of this technical day there was a lively debate, and a Q&A session to clarify any complicated points that came up during the day.
The event closed in all splendour. Since BMS MN is celebrating 40 years of activity, BMS MN wanted to thank its customers once again for their continued loyalty and support.
A gala dinner was offered to all the customers present and, at the end, the founder of the company, Mr. Pierre de Potter, received a standing ovation to thank him for his visionary ideas that formed the basis of the foundation of the company and which continue to inspire the entire BMS MN team.