New labels

New labels

Dear customer, dear visitor,

BMS Micro-Nutrients is using since July 16, 2022, the European Regulation 2019/1009 as the framework to market its products you are all familiar with. We will continue to offer you the best possible quality fertilizers and this new legislation will only just change the way this happens. What are the most remarkable changes? Below is a limited overview of changes to the label:

  • the term “EC fertilizer” will cease to exist. Our products are now EU fertilisation products, certified by the “CE” mark as you know it also form for example electronic devices.
  • the content of the product and the additional information remain the same but are indicated in a different way or place on the label.
  • extra attention is paid to the lifespan, particle size, environmental consequences and the components.

The use of our products in organic production is based on a different legislation (regulation 2018/848 and 2021/1165). The applicability though remains unaffected. Consult the label or product details on our website: products

To make this transition flexible and smooth, our book labels are temporarily replaced by single language labels.

Products that were marketed previously under national legislation, will continue to do so with the same familiar label as before.

Do you still have products that were packaged as EC fertilizer in stock? They can still be used or sold while supplies last. So both packages of the same product will be together on the market for a while, depending on the production date.

In any case, check this website regularly for product-specific information.