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Sensibilità da moderata a elevata alle carenze di: Mn, Mo
Sensibilità da bassa a moderata alle carenze di: Mg
(la sensibilità alle carenze di questi nutrienti può variare a seconda della varietà)

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Ecological farming
How are you? Over the past few months, Covid-19 has made everyone's reality uncertain and surreal. Social life came to a standstill, companies could not continue their activities, or only with great effort, and the world went into lockdown. Hopefully this episode has left you unscathed so far...
Late cold spring weather is creating risks for all our crops. Frost can cause damages to the shoots and flowers of our perennial crops, but can also damage the young seedlings of field crops. This damage will depend first of all on our crop and on the temperature itself, but also on a lot of other...
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It is high time for a more sustainable approach with ECOMETHOD Facts & figures: The food industry accounts for between 19% and 29% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Within the food industry, agriculture is responsible for 9% of these emissions. Fertilisation accounts for 35% to 45% of CO 2...