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Our answer to iron chlorosis: Chelal Fe + Chelal RD NF

Iron deficiency

Advantages of the program with Chelal Fe + Chelal RD:

  • Controls simultaneously the iron deficiency and the secondary deficiencies of zinc manganese and boron.
  • Assures a balanced nutrition of the crops.
  • Thanks to the complete chelation of the applied elements, the absorption is fast and the translocation to all the other parts of the plant, is easy.
  • Because of the foliar application, possible interactions and with the soiln are avoided.
  • Keeps the crop green until the end of the season, assuring this way also a better quality (greener) of the shoots at the beginning of the next season/year.
  • Preventive as well as curative treatments can be done.
  • The products are compatible with almost all widely used pesticides, and therefore they can be applied simultaneously. No supplementary applications are required.

Fore more information about dealing with iron chlorosis, please check out our file: iron chlorosis