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Chelates are a very important family of chemical compounds, within those occurring currently in nature. A lot of molecules, in which a metal ion is chelated with an organic molecule (in nature this are mostly porphyrins, proteins or sugars), are essential for as well plants, animals as human beings.

  • Thus for example consists chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants, of a magnesium ion, bound to a porphyrin skeleton. Chlorophyll plays an important role in the transfer of electrons during the photosynthesis.
  • Hemoglobin, a protein linked to a porphyrin skeleton with iron as the centrally placed ion, binds oxygen and enables the transport of oxygen throughout the whole body.
  • Vit B12 is a chelate of a cobalt ion with also a porphyrin skeleton. Vitamin B12 is essential for the production of the amino acid methionine and for the good development of the nervous system.

Different other metals are also essential for the correct functioning of the enzymes (chelates of metal ions by proteins) and are often part of the active sites by assuring the right configuration of the enzyme for its activity. More recently also boron chelates (sugar derivatives)were discovered as the transport form of the boron in the phloem of a various plant species.

The importance of the presence of metal ions in the form of chelates is the result of the changed chemical characteristics of the metal ion compared to the not chelated ion. The formation of chelates does not only influence the redox properties of the metal, but also leads to a protection of the chelated ion against other external factors.

► For example the solubility of the metal ion, even in the presence of adverse factors (carbonates, phosphates,….). The chelate will protect the metal ion against side reactions which might reduce its solubility. In practice, this also will ensure that chelates mix usually well with other fertilizers and pesticides (see our "Miscibility List").

The chelates of BMS Micro-Nutrients NV are 100% water soluble and are made with the purest ingredients possible according to "state-of-the-art" procedures, resulting in a wide range of pure products without any unnecessary ballast (sodium, chloride, ...). For each product, the chelating agent, or the combination of chelating agents used, are optimized in order to assure the highest possible efficiency of the product.