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Curious on how to apply our products on your crops? Consult the white papers.

The results of the field trials give you an indication on how to use our foliar nutrition programs in different crops and their impact on production.

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Recent white papers

Technical file on Foliar Nutrition.
Technical file on Foliar Nutrition in general, explaining all the advantages of this technique. Applied in vineyards.
cu deficiency on cereals
Information about the importance of copper-treatments in cereals

Recent blog posts

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Zinc is an indispensable trace element for all plants. It is very important in the early stages of growth. Zinc influences the production of auxins. These are natural growth hormones, essential for youth growth. But there is less and less plant available zinc and a shortage often has important...
The technicians and producers of pears (in particular the Abate Fetel variety) have developed over time fertilization programs in order to sustain high production levels. Today the European nitrate directive requires a substantial reduction of the fertilizations to the ground, and therefore it is...
effect on corn
The foliar programs of BMS Micro-Nutrients, applying as well the minor as the mayor elements, have proven to be a very good technique to increase the profitability of the crop! The foliar fertilization, allows the grower to reduce considerably the amount of fertilizers applied to the soil. In...